Morris wins two more spectacular Junior battles

Seb Morris picked up yet another double win in rounds 11 and 12 of the 2011 Ginetta Junior championship at Snetterton, but they were certainly two of his hardest wins of the year so far.

The Hillspeed driver was beaten to pole position by HHC Motorsport’s Charlie Robertson on Saturday afternoon, but Morris won a spectacularly exciting opening race after winning his race-long battle with Robertson that saw three leaders on the first lap alone.

The pole sitter got a good start to hang onto the lead going into the first corner ahead of Morris, but the pair were tailed by George Gamble who had moved up from sixth to third in two corners after the second Hillpseed car of Struan Moore made a slow start from third, then a touch between Jake Giddings and William Foster for the position at turn one handed Gamble the place as he swept round the outside into third.

Robertson held onto the lead for only half a lap as Morris out-braked him into the tight Agostini corner of the new infield section, Gamble following him through to second. Gamble’s first-lap charge continued when he dived up the inside at the high-speed Corum bend to pass Morris for the lead of the race.

Three corners later however, on the second lap Gamble was forced to defend from Morris at Montreal and lost the back end of the car locking up under braking for the hairpin, spinning and dropping down the field as Morris assumed the race lead from Robertson.

A man on a charge and having one of his best races of the season was Sennan Fielding, battling with William Foster for third place and making his move on the Tollbar driver heading into Riches, but Giddings behind them couldn’t quite find his way past. Robertson’s team-mate Mikey Day meanwhile retired in a painful way after hit a bale on the outside of the track at Williams, the bale heading into Niall Murray’s path which lead to him being cruelly black-flagged as his rear bumper and lights were taken off as a result.

With Giddings passing Foster at Oggies, the battle for third rumbled on as Fielding was then passed by Giddings at Coram on lap four, leaving a battle for fourth behind in his slipstream. Moore was the next man to take up fourth place with a great move at Riches on Fielding and Foster who lost themselves time squabbling as Foster tried to dive up the inside of TJ Motorsports driver Fielding, allowing Moore through on the inside.

Fielding’s race then went from bad to worse after he firstly lost another place to Privateer Max Coates at Montreal, before Tom Howard’s attempt to pass ended in contact at Agostini’s that sent Fielding into a spin. Ahead of them Coates – from 12th on the grid – passed Foster at Oggies and immediately squeezed up the inside of Moore at Williams, Moore taking to the grass to miss the bale Day had hit and dropping behind Foster and Howard.

The last lap was a tense affair as Morris only just held off Robertson to take the win by 0.103s, with Giddings taking third. In the fierce battle for fourth Foster had already ran wide at Brundles to allow Coates back past him having regained the fourth place, and the battle continued to the final corner of the race as Foster made a great move on Coates, with Howard following him for fifth.

Morris started from pole in race two and made a good start, but the best start came from fourth-placed Giddings who out-dragged Robertson and Moore to move up to second place, before surprising Morris by snatching the lead into the Montreal hairpin seconds later.

Morris retaliated by attacking Giddings through the tight infield section, but the FML driver held on to the lead as they headed down Bentley Straight. Giddings’ lead was lost to Morris on lap two however, and although he almost fought back at him immediately Morris held on to take the lead. 

Giddings tried to regain the lead on lap four at Riches, but had a moment and allowed Robertson to sneak through into second place. Robertson again took up the fight to runaway championship leader Morris and got past him by squeezing Morris wide at Agostini, Morris not only losing the lead but dropping behind Gamble, and briefly Giddings before contact at the Brundle/Nelson’s esses gave Morris third and his team-mate Moore fourth ahead of Giddings.

The final lap was again a thriller as Robertson led Gamble and a rapidly closing Morris, and Gamble snatched the lead at the Montreal hairpin. At the Esses Robertson tried to take the place back but the pair made contact that allowed Morris to spectacularly dive up the inside of the pair of them at the Bomb Hole to take the lead, and two corners later take his ninth win in 12 races.

Gamble crossed the line in second place while Morris’ team-mate Moore snatched third for his maiden podium. Robertson took fourth place ahead of Giddings in fifth and Tollbar Racing’s Howard sixth, with Fielding, Brad Bailey, Foster and Murray completing the top 10.

Morris now has a massive 120-point lead in the standings with eight races remaining.

Championship standings after rounds 11/12:

1: Seb Morris, 390

2: George Gamble, 270

3: Charlie Robertson, 265

4: William Foster, 241

5: Tom Howard, 217

6: Max Coates, 200

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