Lloyd amazed by historic first victory

Daniel Lloyd made history last weekend by taking his first victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB championship at a rainy Thruxton circuit, becoming the first scholarship winner to win a race in his first season.

The 20-year-old scholar has made a superb start to his debut season in the series, and won a thrilling second race at the Hampshire track after pressuring Rory Butcher into a mistake and then hanging on to beat Glynn Geddie despite losing his front splitter mid-distance.

Lloyd admitted afterwards that he was amazed to have achieved the feat and broken the trend of scholars failing to win a race in their debut season so early in the season.

“It’s amazing, it’s such a fantastic hing for me to do and in round six. It’s great”.

he also said he believes that the race was the hardest he has ever been involved in of his career.

“It was just so difficult,” he said. “Definately the hardest race of my life.

“To start with it was ok, we had some decent grip but then halfway through it just started chucking it down.

“I was wondering whether they were going to stop the race but somehow the tyres just maintained some heat in them so I was gaining on Rory, and it was so hard to judge and must have been even harder for Rory being out at the front. I was the lucky one chasing him down.”

A great first lap was where Lloyd put himself into contention, and he was also surprised at how much grip there was in the tyres despite the conditions, and of course not forgetting the lack of his front splitter creating downforce.

“I was really shocked at how much grip they’ve got because because the track’s very abrasive here, but the first lap was really the making for me because I startd eighth and got into second.

“A great way to end the weekend!”


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