On-form Meadows insists there is still a long way to go

Michael Meadows praised his Redline Racing team after taking a clean sweep of the wins at Donington Park last weekend to extend his championship lead.

The 25-year-old who finished runner-up in the series last year to James Sutton has made a superb start to the new season, crossing the line first in all of the first four races, although being demoted to second in the first after a penalty.

Last weekend Meadows sent a warning out to his opposition by claiming a double victory from two pole positions, winning the first despite nursing brake problems from mid-distance.

Despite a seemingly dominant performance, Meadows admitted that the team were strugling on the test at the circuit on Thursday, and praised the team highly for their improvements over the weekend to complete the clean sweep on race day.

“It’s going to be a tough season,” said Meadows.

“People who weren’t here on Thursday would say that it was dominant because we were struggling in testing but we came back and we proved we have the capacity so I’m made up.”

Although he and the team’s race performances have been very good so far this season, Meadows admitted that the field is very even on pace in races, but their qualifying pace is where they are excelling most.

“At the minute I think we’ve got the edge in qualifying but in the races it’s a little bit closer. It’s all about the one lap in qualifying whereas the races are a bit more progressive and it balances out more.”

“It’s going to be a long season and we’ve got to really fight hard if we want to win this championship.”

Meadows took victory in race one but it was not an easy task after the SAS car began to run into problems when the rear brakes began locking, forcing him to ease his pace but holding on to take the win from Ben Barker.

Race two saw no repeat however and he took victory by almost two seconds after a set-up change that put Meadows in his element.

“The car was night and day better than the first race. We knew the track temperature was up, we went a bit more conservative on the set-up. 

“I think the difference was that some coolant went down and that spread me and Jonas (Gelzinis) out, and from there it was easy really. I’ve lost a couple of wins on fluid before!”

Meadows insisted that despite his great current form, the championship is not a guarantee at this early stage.

“We’ve come here to win every race just like everyone else does, but it’s great, it’s going my way at the moment.

“Hopefully we can win the championship, but, too early to think about that.”

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