In case you missed it: Boardman in the wars in race three

The reverse grid races were designed to create chaotic mixed-up racing, and the chance to produce new winners. Tom Boardman added his name to the list of BTCC winners last weekend at Knockhill, but it came in a ruthless way, much to the displeasure of Jason Plato who’s race ended in the barriers….

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The year-long arguments between non-turbo cars and turbocharged cars reached another level as the main sufferer of the year, Jason Plato, was bumped off the road by the faster SEAT of Boardman, and after ploughing into the barriers Plato was obviously livid.

His arguments this year that the higher top speeds have made for no parity have been at times overly vocal, and this was the low point for the reigning champion who now admitted his championship “is over”.

Plato managed to keep his emotions more in check than usual after the race, (but not on twitter, as fans will now know all too well…) but insisted there is still no parity as of yet, and many – including Tim Harvey – had some sympathy for Jason after this scenario unfolded. Boardman on the other hand confirmed he didn’t intend to have the incident, but said it took place from Plato being “too slow and holding him up in the corners”

 It didn’t stop there. Boardman’s second controversial incident came at much slower speeds – under the safety car.

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Boardman attempted to use to restart method of slow the pack down, then gas it. Unfortunately, the ‘slowing the pack’ part of this tactic slowed them too much, and resulted in cars clattering into each other including team-mates Aron Smith and James Nash.

Nevertheless, Boardman still went on to win, and after the bad luck he’s suffered all year it would have been disappointing for another dose to hit him, even if he won’t be getting as many chirstmas cards this year as a result….


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