Boost limit reduced for turbo cars

The Vectras were quick at Donington

British Touring Car organisation TOCA has announced a 0.1 bar decrease in the maximum boost pressure for all turbo cars in the series before the next round at Thruxton.

The limit for the season so far has been set at 1.8 bar boost pressure, but from now on at least each turbo will now be made to run 0.1 bar less than the TOCA Performance Monitoring Device (Logger) recorded at Donington last weekend, as series boss Alan Gow has aimed to reduce the speed deficit and provide greater parity between S2000 and turbo cars.

The reduction in boost is not likely to make a massive difference to the ouright speed of the turbo cars, but it will narrow what some pundits believe could be a big advantage at the fastest circuit in the UK at Thruxton on May 1.

The speed of the new NGTC-aspirated turbocharged engines had become a talking point after the first round of the season at Brands Hatch, and last weekend at Donington qualifying and the races were dominated by turbo cars such as the Hondas and Vauxhalls, while the best result for an S2000-spec car was a fourth place in the final race for Silverline Chevrolet’s Alex MacDowall.

Several non-turbo drivers such as Jason Plato had already voiced a concern that teams such as his RML Chevrolet squad would suffer this season, Plato being very vocal during the open two rounds of the season that the straight-line speed of the Hondas, Vauxhalls and Fords were too much for his S2000-spec Chevrolet Cruze to contend with, despite leading the championship after Brands Hatch with two wins.

Gow had hinted that the changes are – much like the situation with the LPG-powered Fords last year – set to continue to be monitored and may fluctuate during the season in a bid to keep the field as tightly packed as possible.

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